After years of toying with the idea of offering some of the resources I’ve developed over the years and with encouragement from other teachers, I finally decided to make the leap. 

I decided to create a new blog specifically for these resources so I can keep my studio blog as a separate resource for both students and teachers.

Some of the more time consuming projects I developed will have a small pricetag and others I will throw in for free.  I hope you will find these resources useful to your studio.

Enjoy and don’t hestitate to ask questions!

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Your new blog looks great! I’ve subscribed to RSS updates already and I can’t wait to see what items you continue to make available in the future. Your printables look fabulous!!

  2. Looks good, Jennifer! I’ve put your new blog in my reader so I don’t miss out on your great ideas! Thanks! -Anya

  3. How exciting! I have thought several times of doing something similar with the incentive programs I have dreamed up..but just never have. I am so glad you are though. 🙂

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