Magic of Music!

Abracadabra! AlaKazoo!

Looking for a little MAGIC in your studio this year?

Welcome to Magic of Music, a year long incentive program for students.  Students will learn all the secrets to making magic with their music.  Students will begin their magical journey as an Apprentice stretching themselves, learning as much as they can, exploring all the possibilities!Students will be earning points based on their accomplishments which will allow them to move up levels in the world of Music Magic.

You will receive a welcome letter explaining all the exciting things in store, tips, advancement certificates for students as they move up levels, assignment and student workbook pages to help them along their magical journey.

Click here for more details.

7 thoughts on “Magic of Music!

  1. Could we see some sample pages or at least a more detailed curriculum outline?

    Is this program relevant for all ages, all levels?

  2. Hi Regina,

    Thanks for your question. Yes, this program is relevant for all ages and all levels as it mainly focuses on the artistry in their music. Students will work towards a 5 star lesson each week, playing 5 star pieces, opportunities to transform their pieces, encouraging original compositions and improvisations, in addition to earning points for some secret bonus tricks which will encourage them to look at their assignment page each week. When they are achieving their goals, they are earning points which allow them to advance to different magical levels. ie: Apprentice, Wizard, etc…

    On another note: I plan on giving all my students magic wands at the year end spring recital in addition to the award they earned according to the last level reached. (most likely I’ll do trophies) and then my thought right now is the student’s that achieve the highest level, I will present them with a Magic of Music cape as well.

    I’m beginning this one in my own studio in September and am so excited I could burst. Students are eagerly anticipating it. I also plan on throwing in some little magic trick toys in my treasure box this year.

    I hope that gives a better idea…

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