One of my student’s favorite DVD’s is ANIMUSIC

ANIMUSIC is animated virtual instruments performing in a very creative environment.  It is fascinating to watch and the kids absolutely love it!  Rhythm, Pitch, Melody and Harmony are just some of the things students can experience through these DVD’s. 

ANIMUSIC supports and encourages teachers to use their DVD’s in their classroom and studio’s.  They have made Teacher Guides available to download for free.  I created worksheets for my students based on those teacher guides that they can do during their lab time while they watch ANIMUSIC.  Feel free to download my Animusic Worksheets for free.  This is for ANIMUSIC 1, I recently purchased 2 last year, but haven’t made worksheets for it yet.  ANIMUSIC is currently working on a 3rd DVD.

Tell me, have you showed ANIMUSIC in your studio?

3 thoughts on “ANIMUSIC

  1. Hello,

    I am a music teacher for a local preschool (3, 4, and 5 year olds), and I was wondering if you thought the videos were appropriate for that age group. I need something that I can leave on file at the school that a substitute could use if I couldn’t come in, and I am wondering if the young students would be interested in it long enough to watch parts of the video. Any experience with the younger ages?


  2. Hi Misti,

    If you go to YouTube there are several segments online that you can view for free to get a good idea of what it will be like. Just search for Animusic. I think they would enjoy it even at this age (I know my 4-5 year old students enjoy it).

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