Piano Team

For years I thought it would be fun to have an Ensemble group that comes once a week in addition to their piano lessons.  Finally four years ago I decided it was time to give it a try. 

Piano Team is a group of students learning, playing and performing together using team work skills.  Students learn to play in ensembles as well as enjoy playing with a midi accompaniment.  Students share in both fun and responsibility in a piano “club” environment. Students focus on rhythm skills, improvisation and ensembles.  And when we have some time, theory games are a bonus! 

Piano Team meets once a week for 45 min. in addition to their regular piano lessons.  Throughout the year, Piano Team prepares for performances and adjudication evaluations.

One thing that I like to do for student’s that are thinking about joining Piano Team is to hold a Piano Team Preview class in the summer.  We use the Hal Leonard Ensemble books and the midi accompaniment that goes along with them. 

Each week when it’s time for the piano team students to leave, I always hear “already?”  We have lots of fun in Piano Team!

Tell me, do you have a piano team or club of some kind in your studio?

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