One of the activities that we did at Christmas camp was I SPY.  I gave each student a piece of christmas music (everyone had the same piece).  It didn’t matter if they could play it (I had students in a variety of different levels).  I chose a piece that had a lot of articulations, dynamic markings, etc…  The more the better.  (The piece I used was the first page of “A Christmas Fantasy” in the “In Recital Christmas Favorites Book 6- FJH)

Then just like I Spy, I would say I Spy… a stacatto, ritardando, crecendo, clef change, key signature change, etc…  Then the students would look at their music and when they found one they would raise their hand and call out the measure it was in.  Often times there was more of one of something I was calling so I would take 3 different answers.

It was a very easy and fun actitivity and a great way for students to practice looking out for all that is written in the music.

Remember if you haven’t taken a field trip over to my studio blog, be sure to go there for some other Christmas camp/group lesson ideas…  http://foxxpianostudio.blogspot.com/2010/12/christmas-camp-2010-making-magical.html

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