Sound Story Video’s

After a couple sessions of Christmas camp, it occurred to me that it would be fun to film these sound stories.   

This one is Wendy Stevens idea from to have students compose short motifs to the story, The Gingerbread Boy.  I found the story online and printed it out.  Then I broke up the narration and gave each student a slip of paper that had a character (or two) that they were to create a motif for.  I gave them about 5-10 min. to get some ideas.  They didn’t write anything down, I didn’t want to make it more complicated then it needed to be.  I told them make it easy enough that they can remember when it’s their turn.  And if they don’t remember, just make it up, it’s all good!  Here is a link if you would like to view  The Gingerbread Boy…

This next sound story is “St. Nicholas Leaves a Gift” (from the book, Sound Stories published by Hal Leonard) which is a sound story using different instruments.   Here is the video link:


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