Organizing Printable Games

A recent forum post asking how teachers organize their printable games gave me the idea for this topic.

Thanks to so many wonderful teachers sharing games that they have made, it does start to get overwhelming in what to do with them all.  When I first started organizing all my printable games I put them in plastic sleeves and then in a 3 ring binder.  While it worked okay, the problem is the binder became very full fast.  So what I am doing now and it has worked well for me so far is I put my printable games in a sheet protector and then filed in an accordian folder.  The folders are divided by musical topic.  Example: rhythm, notes on staff, notes off staff, chords, etc…

Here are a few pictures to see what I have done.

Tell me, how do you organize your printable games?


7 thoughts on “Organizing Printable Games

  1. I have several accordion files of two sizes. One of each size for primer, elementary and more advanced games. Full size games (8 1/2 by 11 or larger) go in the larger ones, and card games or games with small pieces only go in the short files, which are 4 1/2 by 7 inches in size. I have one of those pencil boxes (that are shaped more like a lunch box) also, with bingo chips, dice, spinners, tokens, and other small things I need for games.

  2. Hi!
    I just came across your site through Music Matters Blog. I would appreciate it if you could share some sites/blogs of where you found your printable games.
    I would love to build my collection of music activities!

  3. I put them in a sheet protector, in a three ring binder, just like you did. However, I put the cards that go along with some of the other games in a separate bin. For games that don’t have a game board, I simply write up a description on a piece of paper that acts as a reminder when I flip through that section.

  4. I know this is an older post, @ the $1 store:
    I found a 6 pack of mini ‘tupperware’ containers (round & square) to hold the place markers (which I use fun shaped erasers, or differ color stones that are flat on the bottom & also found small plain foam dice in 4 colors) the mini-square containers easily hold 4 small foam dice. I used these as markers b/c they were too small to draw clearly on. I also found some smaller thinner plastic cups to hold ‘Notes to Riches’ $. Any other cards fit neatly in the pocket protectors. The only thing I did not purchase at the $1 store, was a short, plastic bin with a carry handle to keep all the manipulative containers in. Looking back, I would get the taller, carrying plastic bin as a few pocket protector games could fit in there if I was traveling. had a big bucket of 1 inch foam dice that were better quality, there are 6 colors so I made each color a different level to go w/the different games.

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