Preparing for Adjudication

Libby Wiebel, a piano/guitar/voice teacher and singer/song writer in Washington DC recently shared a brilliant idea that she created for her students to prepare them for the NFMC Festival.

She created a coloring sheet where each space to color is labeled with one of the judging criteria from the NFMC festival forms.  At the bottom of the coloring sheet, there is a spot where the student can write down their performance pieces they are preparing for.  When the student has addressed each criteria for the songs (ie:  Note Accuracy in #1, Memorization in #2, etc) they get to color in that part of the picture.

I thought this was such a creative idea that I asked Libby if she would mind if I shared this with everyone.  What a fun way for students to prepare their pieces and really focus on each aspect of what the piece should be, in the end not only creating a beautiful picture but a beautiful performance piece!

You can download the coloring sheet here:  Performance coloring sheet by Libby

You can find out more about Libby on her website: Thanks for sharing your idea Libby!

Tell me, what creative things do you do in your studio to prepare your students for adjudication/evaluations?

Helping Your Kids Succeed in Music

When I was searching for Marie’s TV news debut, I came across another news segment from KSL, “Helping Your Kids Succeed in Music.”  Professional musicians Kurt Bestor, Peter Breinholt, and Jessie Clark were the guests on this show and each shared their music lesson experience when they were growing up and gave some really good insight and advice for parents.  I would highly recommend passing this link to your piano/music parents to view.


What to look for in a Music Teacher

A friend and piano teacher colleague of mine, Marie Harris from Utah was recently featured on KSL, a local news station.  She talked about what to look for in a music teacher. 

I wanted to share the link with everyone as she gives a lot of good tips to help lead parents in a positive direction.

She discusses the importance of instilling a ‘love’ of music throughout a child’s music curriculum, how to seek good teachers, the parents role before making a commitment (so important!), communication, questions for parents to ask and how participating in ongoing professional development for the teacher is important.

Here is the link to the video clip:



Printable Music Games

A reader recently asked if I could share where I find my printable music games that I use.   You bet!

There are many blogs and websites that give game ideas, but for now I want to focus on where you can find printable games.  You can find mostly free printable games on the following sites: (This site is the only one that I listed that doesn’t have free games.  Last year I finally broke down and purchased this package after looking at it for quite a while.  I have gotten good use out of many of the games included)

Here are some more sites.  Some of these don’t necessarily have printable games, but have printable worksheets and game ideas that may help…

A BIG thank you to all who are willing to share!  If you have a website or blog that offers printable games, let me know and I’ll add you to my list.