Preparing for Adjudication

Libby Wiebel, a piano/guitar/voice teacher and singer/song writer in Washington DC recently shared a brilliant idea that she created for her students to prepare them for the NFMC Festival.

She created a coloring sheet where each space to color is labeled with one of the judging criteria from the NFMC festival forms.  At the bottom of the coloring sheet, there is a spot where the student can write down their performance pieces they are preparing for.  When the student has addressed each criteria for the songs (ie:  Note Accuracy in #1, Memorization in #2, etc) they get to color in that part of the picture.

I thought this was such a creative idea that I asked Libby if she would mind if I shared this with everyone.  What a fun way for students to prepare their pieces and really focus on each aspect of what the piece should be, in the end not only creating a beautiful picture but a beautiful performance piece!

You can download the coloring sheet here:  Performance coloring sheet by Libby

You can find out more about Libby on her website: Thanks for sharing your idea Libby!

Tell me, what creative things do you do in your studio to prepare your students for adjudication/evaluations?

4 thoughts on “Preparing for Adjudication

  1. What a fantastic idea for elementary students! I’m catching up on some blog reading this weekend and was really excited to run across this post. My students are 6 weeks out from a big spring solo festival, so this is PERFECT for them right now! Thanks for sharing!!

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