YouTube Performance Evaluations

Last week I was working with a student who will be playing Clementi’s Sonatina in C Major at our Spring Recital.  At this particular lesson we were focusing on the dynamics.  He wasn’t quite getting the full effect of what I was wanting to hear.  So when it came time for him to go to piano lab, I remembered Natalie Wickham’s YouTube Performance Evaluation sheets.  We went online to YouTube and I chose a couple different performances I wanted him to view and evaluate.  One was an adult and the other was a student about his age. 

I just wanted to share what he wrote down on the evaluation sheet when he was evaluating the younger performer of the two performances.  (My student is 11 years old).

What aspects of the performance did you like the most?  “Nothing”

What aspects of the performance did you like the least?  “Where are the dynamics?”

What could be done to make the performance more musical?  “Practice!”

Additional Comments:  “Do better next time I guess”

While I got a kick out of his comments, I really enjoyed this lab assignment for him because it allowed him to listen “outside” of himself and recognize what is needed in the performance.  This week when he played his piece (he is doing all 3 movements), the dynamics were much better.  Now we just have some little sections to polish up.

I plan on doing this a lot more with my students.  I think when we put them in a position where they are evaluating others, it allows them to really think of what they would like to hear in themselves and take a little more accountability.

One thought on “YouTube Performance Evaluations

  1. Thanks for sharing the students comments as well as the form. I have been meaning to make one up as I have been assigning my student to watch you tube selections, but now I don’t have to start from scratch. Love it. Thanks.

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