Summer Organizing

Each summer I try to get a little more organized over my break.  This year a shelf in one of my bookcases that is in my piano lab room broke.  These are your cheap bookcases and I’ve had them for years.  My first thought was to try to fix it but that wasn’t going to well.  So my husband who was ready for a new project suggested that we build a much nicer shelf unit that would go across from wall to wall in the space the bookcases were in.  Sounded good to me!

So the project began…  The first three pictures show just one bookcase worth of stuff!  The fourth picture includes the second bookcase of stuff.  How it all fit, I’ll never know.

I am enjoying my new shelves!

3 thoughts on “Summer Organizing

  1. These new bookshelves look great. I like the last picture showing all your stuff neatly filed away. You could call this “Bookshelves by Rick Foxx and his lovely assistant.” Great job!

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