Kjos recently announced that they are now carrying and selling MiniMusic.  From what I heard, not a lot of people are familiar with MiniMusic so I thought I would share my experience.  Paula Manwaring is the brainchild of MiniMusic, which is an early childhood program that covers about 9 months of lesson plans.  I bought this program years ago because I was interested in doing an early childhood program in my studio but didn’t want to pay royalties or fees for using a program, which seems to be common among early childhood music programs.  MiniMusic was an answer to that problem.

MiniMusic covers rhythm, pitch, steps, skips, keyboard geography and learning about instrument families.  After a child completes MiniMusic they are well on their way for music lessons in whatever instrument they choose.

What I love about MiniMusic is that not only can one use it for an early childhood program, it is easily adaptable for pre-piano camps, workshops, group lessons, homeschool groups, etc.  I personally have used a lot of the material for my pre-piano summer camps.  All the materials are reproducible and comes with several fun manipulatives that can be used in class.  So after you pay for the program, you really don’t need anything else.  You can be assured that the investment will be worth it in the end regardless how you decide to use it.  I love this!