Fun games for your Christmas Camp or Party

I just shared a couple fun games that I have done with my students on a piano teacher forum and thought I would share them here as well.  These are a couple of my students favorite games that we have done.  The great thing about both of these is you can adapt them for anytime of the year.  Here they are Christmas style…

I don’t remember what this game is called but it’s a mix of musical chairs and hot potato. I think it’s called “fruit basket”.  Come up with a word, in this case if you are doing it for a holiday get together, you can have “Christmas” as the word.  You can give everyone a word that is Christmas related.  For example maybe give them a reindeer name.  When two names are called (ie: Dasher and Blitzen), those two students with that name switch chairs.  (or places if you do this on the floor)  The leader (calling out the names) tries to steal the chair during the exchange.  If they are successful, the person without the chair is the new leader (who now calls out the names).  Now to make it even more fun, when the word “Christmas” (or whatever you decide) is called by the leader then everyone switches chairs while the leader again tries to steal a place.

It is so fun, students really love it and it’s fun for all ages!   We played this game for group lessons a few months ago using the word “Safari” and each student had an animal game.  (This goes along with our theme this year).  It was a blast.

Another fun one is Musical I Spy.  How I do it is someone is sent from the room while a small object is hidden.  Then they are called back in and the kids start singing a Christmas song.  They get louder the closer the person is to the object and softer the farther away.  Again, this is perfect for all ages.  I’ve done this game for Christmas camp in the past and they really enjoy it.

My last day of Christmas camp is Thursday and then I’m off to celebrate my 20th Anniversary with my husband.  So chances are high this is my last post for the year.  So…
I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Fun games for your Christmas Camp or Party

  1. The Musical I-Spy game sounds hysterical. It’s amazing how many of my students are not really big into singing (something I am always trying to encourage), and I think the game element might actually make them more feel more comfortable doing it.

  2. My students love playing fruit basket. We frequently play it right before they play their pieces. They are so happy, relaxed and excited by the time we finish that they forget to be nervous. : )

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