TECH TUESDAYS- Lab material for beginning students

I have been using MLC for my lab times; however I have found it does not have enough material for those beginning in PA Primer or MFPA.  What else can you suggest?  I have an iPhone but not an Ipad…yet!!!

First I wanted to say how much I love!  Christine Hermanson is wonderful and often times will create a game based on a need teachers have in their studio.  I have emailed her several times suggesting games, most of which were a need specifically for my primer students.  Tommy Tiger 2’s and 3’s and Hand Prints were a result of one of my requests.  However I do understand the predicament of finding enough material for our young beginners and primer students.

Besides MLC, I thought I would mention a few of my favorite software programs, apps and free online programs that I like to use in my studio for early childhood music students and/or primer students.

Software:  Midisaurus, Music Ace (or Piano Ace- this is the same software, Piano Ace combines Music Ace 1 and 2), Jumpstart Music and PianoMouse are among my favorites.

Free online resources I like are Classics for Kids (for all ages) and Music Tech Teacher (also for all ages depending on the game.)  Music Tech Teacher has over 130 elementary quizzes, puzzles and games about music students can play.

If you are looking for a customizable note reading drill game, I would recommend Piano Is Fun.

One of my favorite apps for early childhood students is the Music for Little Mozarts app, compatible with both iPhone and iPad.  Of course, you probably would be more comfortable using it during the lesson rather than handing your phone over to a student during lab time.  😉

Hope that gives you some more ideas of what you can use in lab time with your beginning students.

2 thoughts on “TECH TUESDAYS- Lab material for beginning students

  1. This is a great list! My beginning students also enjoy some of the free online games on Tonic – especially “Finger Puppets” and “Boxing Glove.” As a teacher you can create a free account to access some of the early level games and if desired set up accounts with passwords for each student to track their progress.

  2. I have been using onic Tutor for a few months now and my students love it! Thanks for the link to MusicTechTeacher. This is a great find!

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