Down the Fall Board No More…

You know that place between the fall board on the lid where stickers tend to slip inside the piano and you have to take that stubborn piano lid off (not too bad taking it off, but a pain putting it back in) in order to retrieve those stickers, pencils and whatever else might have made its way down?

I have been determined to find a solution to this problem because it never fails, there is always at least one student (usually more) each week that let go of the sticker or pencil a little too early and down it goes.

I thought I would share my solution in case you have this problem in your studio as well…  When I bought my piano I received a “dust cover” for the keys.  Basically it’s just a strip of felt like material that you can use to cover the keys.  I have never used it, always sat in my piano bench.  Well… I had the thought to tuck this cover under the music stand and have the rest lay flat across the open lid, covering the fall board space.

Now when stickers, pencils, etc… fall they will fall on the material instead of that dreaded slip space. Yay!

3 thoughts on “Down the Fall Board No More…

  1. Super idea, Jennifer. Right now we have flashcards, paperclips and who knows what else down in the Pit. And, yes we have he same problem putting the lid back on. Didn’t get this with my piano (and bought new) but will come up with something, Thanks!

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