Tech Tuesdays- Website Feature

I thought I would feature a website that I just happened across for this weeks Tech Tuesdays post.  It’s called TeachersPayTeachers.

In the About Us page they describe what this website is all about…

TeachersPayTeachers® is the world’s first open marketplace where teachers buy and sell original teaching materials. It was founded in 2006 by Paul Edelman, a former NYC public school teacher.  
TpT’s mission is to make teachers lives easier by bringing together those who create curricula with those who are seeking fresh new approaches in the classroom. Teachers work hard and deserve extra compensation for all those hours spent lesson planning. Newer teachers and those looking for ideas can save time and leap ahead in competency by learning from veterans. We strongly believe that the ensuing exchange lifts all boats and leads to the better sharing of best practices. In the end everyone wins, especially our students.

You will notice that many of the products out there are free, others have a price.  The music section alone has 995 different items you can discover!  Whether you decide to sell your products or just take advantage of what is out there, this is a great resource for all teachers!  Check it out!


*Do you have question or idea you would like to see featured on Tech Tuesdays?  Let me know!*

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