Tech Tuesday- YouTube

Occasionally during lab time I will have my students watch a performance from YouTube.  Sometimes I will have them evaluate the performance, other times, I will just have them enjoy.

When I do have them evaluate a performance I will download and use Natalie Wickhams’s with MusicMattersBlog – YouTube Performance Evaluation sheet.

I thought I would share some fun and different YouTube video’s you and your students might enjoy.

Among my favorite’s lately is from ThePianoGuys.  If you haven’t heard of them yet, you must check them out!  I subscribe to their YouTube channel and they have some really fun performances!  Be sure to check out Cello Wars

A couple others that I just learned about from some teachers is 12 Pianists at 1 Piano.  How fun would that be?  Here’s another one:  Gershwin Comedy Duo.  Another funny duet that I enjoy, The Scarlet Cape

Victor Borge video’s are always a hit, so are the 5 Brown’s.  Now of course you don’t always have to show “funny” performances, but these are a few I got a kick out of and thought I would pass along.

How about you?  Do you use YouTube as a teaching tool in your studio?  Do you have some YouTube favorites that you enjoy sharing?


2 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday- YouTube

  1. Lol! Were we on the same wavelength this morning? All of the ones you suggested are on my youtube playlist.

    I also like to show one or two of the gentlemen who “dance” on a giant floor keyboard, ( ), the FunTheory clip, (, and how one piano can be used for an ensemble piece as a “bow piano”, (

    If I could find a clean version of the guy who uses juggling to play pieces on a floor keyboard, I’d include it to my list too. :o)

  2. Thanks for sharing. Those are all fun. I especially like the bowed piano ensemble one because it is so different. I don’t think I’ve shared that one with my students. I’ll have to do that for sure! 🙂

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