More Music Apps 2

So the subject of music apps have come up on the online message boards recently and I thought I had most music apps that were out there.  But then Sandra Bowen posted some of the one’s that she enjoys (Thanks Sandra!) and my eyes lit up to all these apps I weren’t aware of.  So exciting!  I just had to share them with all of you for Tech Tuesday!

Treble Kids (this is a series of apps!)

Sheet Music Treble Game



Rhythm Repeat


Scales and Modes


Ear Trainer

Young Music Genius

Princess Piano

Dr. Seuss Band (This one was recently featured on PianoAnne’s blog.  It’s free for a limited time!  I’ve already used it with several younger students and they love it.)

Now I need to go buy some more iTunes gift cards so I can buy some of these apps!

BTW- I’ve been a victim of someone wiping my iTunes credit out and it is a pain in the neck to get it back.  I was able to in the end but it was a royal pain, apple doesn’t make it easy.  I was just thankful that I don’t have my credit card on file with iTunes.  I only use iTunes gift cards.  Just thought I’d give that little tip.  Also make sure you have a really strong password.  I thought mine was strong enough but apparently it wasn’t so I made it stronger.

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