Tech Thursday- TES

I’m back from NYC!  Wow!  What an experience it was.  I’m anxious to share all I was able to take in.  MTNA conference was wonderful.  I’ll be blogging about some of the classes I went to real soon.  While in NYC, I was able to go see some fantastic Broadway Shows, sight-see, tour (the Steinway tour was awesome!), do a lot of walking, taxi rides, etc…  I was amazed how much I was able to pack in.  My Mom came with me so we had a lot of fun!

Well, as you can see Tech Tuesday has come and gone and because I was still in NYC it is belated.  So instead we are doing Tech Thursday.  Still works right?  For Tech Thursday, I wanted to remind you of a site that I briefly mentioned before.  TES is the largest network of teachers in the world.  It is what I like to think of as a teachers “playground”.  It is full of so many resources for teachers of all subjects.  I particularly enjoy exploring all that is offered in the music category.  Some are even free!d  There are now 300,000 teaching resources on TES that have been created and shared by teachers like you from all over the world.

If you have something to share, sell, buy, download or just explore it’s a fun thing to be a part of.  Just go to TES to sign up.

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