Tech Tuesdays: Classroom Maestro

If you have heard of Zenph, chances are you have heard of Classroom Maestro.

“Classroom Maestro is an interactive electronic blackboard for learning music. It features an onscreen musical staff and keyboard display. It’s great for presenting musical concepts, showing single notes, intervals, chords, scales, keyboard hand positions, and instrumental fingerings.”

Classroom Maestro is a great tool to use when giving online lessons responding to both midi and on screen keyboard.  I haven’t gotten into online lessons yet but am excited about the new Classroom Maestro 3.0 version which improves its support for SMART boards.  Interactive smart boards is something I am exploring as tool in the studio for my classes this summer.  I will be posting more details on that subject later.

You can get Classroom Maestro 3.0 right now for FREE!  ($69 value)  All you need to do is take a 5-minute online survey here and then you will be directed to a download site for your free copy!  This is a great opportunity to give it a try!

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