Tech Tuesdays- The Projector

Last summer I invested in a projector.  I kept borrowing one from a friend at church and realized that it has proven it’s usefulness for me to invest.  I thought I would share what I have used my projector for.

1. Speaking Presentations – I have presented to several music teachers groups. Most of them do not have a projector available, so it comes in handy to own one for power point presentations.  (This is the initial reason I started borrowing one)

2. Workshops/Group Lessons– Last summer I did a Roots of Rhythm workshop for my students. I wanted to show some YouTube examples of different instruments/countries after we learned about them. Having the projector came in really handy because I could project the clips nice and big on the wall.

3. Movies– This year in the studio we worked on Michelle Sisler’s A Walk on the Wild Side program. I like to do something fun for our recital party that goes along with the theme if I could help it.  So this year we will be having a movie party and watching the animal documentary, IMAX: Born to Be Wild

4. Interactive Whiteboard– This summer in my workshops students will be using interactive whiteboard tools. I will be posting how to use interactive whiteboard tools at home without going out and buying an expensive interactive whiteboard real soon.  Keep your eye out!  I’m real excited about this one.

How about you? Do you use a projector as a tool in your studio? If so, what have you done with it?

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