Tech Tuesdays- Musicians with Apps

I’m so excited to share a new website that you will absolutely love!  Rebecca- an active music teacher, professional performing musician, and a mom of young musicians is the face and voice behind MusiciansWithApps.

Rebecca has music apps organized in categories such as Rhythm, Note Reading, Composition, Gadget, Explore Music and has a section where she gives apps a “Favorite Award”.  Each app is carefully reviewed. When you see an app review you will see kid ratings and parent/teacher ratings for the app, “Good Stuff” about the app, “Our Wish List” (things she would like to see updated in the app), “My Love” (things she loves about the app), and an overall summary.  Rebecca shares, “I aim to only feature the best of the best here!”

When exploring MusiciansWithApps, I found a bunch of music apps that I didn’t know about until I came across her site.  Inversion Invasion and Mozart Interactive are just a couple that I’m looking forward to trying. I even found a brand new (fun for kids!) ear dictation app called Hear It, Note It, The Aural IQ Game (only $1.99) after exploring My Note Names (This app is free for download until you want to purchase the rest. Rebecca suggests you purchase the full package. It’s really good!)

In addition to the written app reviews, Rebecca has a few YouTube reviews that she has created. I would recommend subscribing to her YouTube Channel. It wasn’t until after I watched her video review of the Recorder Master that I wanted to download it. Even though I teach piano, this app looked to fun to pass by. Now to swing by the Dollar Store to pick up a recorder! I look forward to seeing more of YouTube reviews.

Now you would think that all this would be enough to get you excited, but Rebecca has really gone the extra mile in making this the “go to” place for music apps and has even created some podcast interviews with some of the app creators!

On the right side of the screen you can sign up to receive new app reviews and articles in your email inbox as they first become available. Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest!

I give MusiciansWithApps 5 Stars!

2 thoughts on “Tech Tuesdays- Musicians with Apps

  1. Head’s up on the My Note Names app! If you purchase the bundle it INCLUDES the Hear It, Note It. I didn’t realize this until after I purchased the Hear It, Note It and then played the My Note Names game with my students this morning (it gives you the option to purchase the bundle after 4 levels). By the way, it is an awesome app and well worth paying for the bundle!

  2. Jennifer,
    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been telling myself that I needed to make a chart of all these apps and what area of study they fit into, but it appears that this site does all the work for me! Thank you so much for telling us about giving us a “heads up!! I’ve already downloaded a couple of apps I didn’t have and even tested them out a bit today!

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