Practice book WINNERS!

This was a popular giveaway which tells me that practicing is one of those things most all teachers struggle with their students at one time or another.

Andrea with TeachPianoToday recently blogged about this subject so I wanted to share her post with some ideas of what can be helpful in your studio.

BigFoot, Ogopogo and Summer Piano Practicing. Which is Real?

Okay, now for what you have been waiting for, our winners for the book, SHHHH… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Practice


The lucky two winners for this giveaway is Sarah with Discoveries Piano Blog and Susanne with Oakville Piano Studio. You should be hearing from Andrea from soon for download instructions!

Congratulations Sarah and Susanne! Hope your students enjoy the activities!

Remember this book is reproducible for your studio. So if you used this with 25 students, the cost is really only $1.60 per student! Not too bad when you think of it that way!

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