Tech Tuesday- Android Tablet

As you know I have an iPad and an iPhone. While I totally love my iPad and iPhone, I know there are other options out there for teachers when it comes to music apps and devices. Unfortunately I am not much help when it comes to the Android Tablet for example, because I don’t own one and never have. However the good news for those that do have an Android Tablet is there is a teacher that can be very helpful on giving app advice for the Android.

Jennifer Ecklund, author of the Piano Pronto series has recently started a blog. She has an Android Tablet and has been posting about the tablet and apps that she enjoys with her students. I would highly recommend you subscribing to her blog if you want to keep up with recommendations for Android apps. (Among other things she blogs about) If you do a search for Android Tablets in the search bar on her blog, you will come up with 5 (and I’m sure many more to come) that will be helpful to you.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!


***P.S. I’m neck and neck in the MTH competition. I would appreciate your support by going to: then find my entry “Ode to Music Teachers Helper” by Jennifer Foxx click on like, leave a comment and share. Likes are worth 1 point, comments 2 points and shares 2 points.  THANK YOU for your help! You can comment and share as much as you would like!  🙂 Contest ends July 15th. So everyday you can help really does help! Thanks!



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