Getting ready for Fall Studio Kickoff

Last year I started what I call Fall Studio Kickoff. Basically the first lesson back from summer is a group lesson kicking off the new school year. I noticed the first lesson back students aren’t quite into the “groove” of being back with school just getting started so I wanted to do something that would give them a week to refresh and get excited about the new school year with piano lessons.

During fall studio kickoff week, students come on their normally scheduled lesson day but at the same time (ie: 4-5:30pm). The purpose of the Fall kickoff is 3-fold. 1. To introduce the new theme for the year.  2. For students to share their summer practice prop projects  3. To kickoff the year together with their piano peers and have some fun!

Click here to see our 1st Fall studio kickoff from last year.

I started this last year with the intention of creating excitement for what was to come for the new year. And it was a success! I recently emailed our 2012 Fall Studio Kickoff Flyer to my piano parents. This gives them the schedule information and highlights the new theme for the year. Here is a copy of this years flyer: 2012 Fall Studio Kickoff

What are you doing to kickoff the new school year in your studio?

6 thoughts on “Getting ready for Fall Studio Kickoff

  1. The first week of September I do my yearly theme kick off. We are doing an around the world theme this year with passports. I found some great decorations and the passports on oriental The decorations were on sale since they were from a vbs theme this summer. I love your flier!

  2. I’ve been doing “Ice Cream and Goals” for several years not — an idea I got from another teacher. I do a flyer, similar to yours but listing all the events for them to choose from for the year … I supply the ice cream and the students bring their favorite toppings (enough to share).

    • Sounds fun. I did an ice cream incentive years ago. They love that! I like that you have the student bring the toppings to share. I’ll have to remember that! Those toppings can get expensive!

  3. I’m curious about the make-up of your studio. Do you have a lot of students at roughly the same level? My students run the whole gamut from brand-new beginner to advanced with everything plus theory in between – so I can’t begin to incorporate everyone into one incentive program – how many do you have doing these programs? Having different programs for the different levels would be way too much work for me.

    • My studio right now consists of students from 4 years-15 years. So from beginner to late intermediate is typical. They all participate, however my teenagers have the option to opt out, but I haven’t had any that have. If they are passing off a certain criteria (such as a rhythm drill) it’s really not hard to customize it for a students level. This year the main things we are focusing on are practicing, artistry, rhythm and note reading.

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