Animusic’s “Pipe Dream” Made Real

Are you familiar with the Animusic DVD’s? You can also find some clips on YouTube if you don’t have the DVD’s. Animusic is a music computer animation production. My students love watching Animusic. I have one student that would watch it every week if he could. The animation in these productions are very detailed and mesmerizing. And believe it or not, students can learn quite a bit from watching these clips (more on that later).

Last February, Intel decided to make a real world version of Animusic’s “Pipe Dream”. Taking 90 days to go from concept to completion, the robot “musicians” use 2,300 balls to produce 120 unique notes on what Intel describes as “off-the-shelf hardware” running “existing software”… and $160k later the real world version was born! Check it out here.

A couple years ago I posted how I use Animusic in my studio and shared some resources. You can review that post here.

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