If you haven’t heard of PianoMorning.com you are missing out on some music treasures. PianoMorning.com is a subscription based website that is chock full of music, theory and technic worksheets, and one of my favorites – composition worksheets.

Excerpt from website: “PianoMorning.com was created by a staff of qualified teachers and composers from the “Canyon Country” area of Southern Utah and Florida’s Orange County in central Orlando. Our aim is to provide high quality services to piano teachers everywhere with downloadable theory supplements, new music, and “contact” services. We’ll work with you in your own unique environment as you spend your mornings planning with us.”

Every week a new piece of music or worksheet is available to download. If you subscribe to their blog you will be updated when those downloads are available. Ann Buys is the editor and one of the composers for PianoMorning.com. Sarah Pierce and Jenny Baker are the other composers and writers for PianoMorning.com. There have been a couple occasions where I was looking for a specific themed piece for my recital so I would email Ann to request a new composition in that theme. Within a few weeks the perfect piece I was looking for was created and shared! PianoMorning has music in different styles. There are classical, holiday, hymns, ragtime, jazz and blues, children pieces, themed pieces and more. You can even find duets, trio’s and ensembles to download!

The other thing I enjoy about PianoMorning is you can go to the website and get a taste of each music by not only viewing the music but listening to a clip. I use this tool by sharing the PianoMorning link to my students and having them browse through the music and choose what pieces they would like to learn after they listen and view it. In addition you can see samples of the worksheets as well.

Rates are $28.00 for a 6 month subscription, or $49.00 for a year. Right now they are running a special to try it out 2 weeks for only $2.00 with no commitment. With all that PianoMorning offers you can’t go wrong with that deal! You can find the link to the 2 week special here.

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