Tech Tuesday: Practice Champ

Have you heard of Practice Champ? I hadn’t either until recently when another teacher I know posted the link to this website. I found the concept interesting and wanted to share it to see what you thought.

Practice Champ was created, founded, and operated by Iced Pita Music Lessons, the husband and wife team of Tyson Marquardt and Heidi Yost-Marquardt from Thousand Oaks, California. Practice Champ is an online tool to help music teachers, students and parents monitor assignments and track practice time in a way that is fun and rewarding. Students and teacher can see a weekly summary of the practicing. As students enter their assignment after their lesson, they can create goals. When goals are met they are rewarded in “star” currency. (ie: Meet or exceed goal = Gold Star). The only thing that isn’t clear to me is if the star currency can be used for anything or if it’s something that parents or teachers can use to give a reward should they so choose to go that route. (This is my guess)

Students pay a flat-rate subscription fee either by the month or at a yearly discount. The monthly rate is only $2.49 month, and for the year it’s just $25 up front. There is no fee for the teachers.

So what do you think? Do you think your students would use something like Practice Champ? Would you want to be involved in this way? I would love to hear your thoughts!

By the way on their website they said they are working on a Practice Champ app for mobile devices and should be coming out soon.


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