Class Piano- Regan Starr

I was going to wait on sharing this post until a Tech Tuesday next week but I have been having so much fun sight-reading this last week that I didn’t want to hold back another day!

Last week I read a blog post from Dana with Kids & Keys. She interviewed Regan Starr from Regan is a recent graduate from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. Each week he composes new piano pieces and adds them to his blog. All the pieces you see are original pieces that he wrote himself. Not only do you get a copy of his composition for free, but he includes written advice and practice tips as well video tutorials!

One thing that I enjoy on his blog as well is the feature to rate the song with a thumbs up or thumbs down rating. One of the first things I did when exploring this website was visiting the “most popular” section and the left sidebar and listening to his most popular pieces.

Regan is a talented composer and I have really enjoyed sight-reading his pieces. Most of his pieces would be considered to be in the early-intermediate to intermediate level. However there are some pieces that have trickier rhythm making a piece more late-intermediate to advanced. Regardless, Regan has provided all the tools to make a student feel successful in learning his pieces.

Today I will see my intermediate students for group lessons and you can bet that I will be letting them know about

Thank you Regan for sharing your compositions with us!

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