MiniMusic- 40% off!

Last year I did a review on MiniMusic, an early childhood music prep program. If you missed my review last year be sure to take some time to read it.

For a limited time, you can purchase MiniMusic for 40% off in the Kjos Piano Music Sampler catalog! What a deal! Here’s the info to order. Call 1-800-797-5567. The item number for the Teachers Kit is #KP18T if you want extra student workbooks (the teachers kit comes with one) it is #KP18S. Normally the price is $199.95, this brings it down to $119.97 AND because it’s over $100 you get FREE shipping!

I had bought the original MiniMusic kit before Kjos had picked it up and decided to go ahead and upgrade with this deal and I’m so glad I did. And might I add I remember paying a lot more for my original kit. The new kit is totally worth it!

P.S. The 40% discount expires November 15th, so don’t wait too long to order!

3 thoughts on “MiniMusic- 40% off!

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Do you know if you can order online? I just Googled looking for the catalog and didn’t have luck. I may just call tomorrow. I’m definitely interested in this program. Thanks so much for posting!

    Becky Baker

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