Head’s up! Kinderbach app giveaway today and huge app discount Friday!

If you haven’t already “liked” Kinderbach on Facebook be sure you do it TODAY before noon EST! Kerri is giving away the Kinderbach app! Then if you don’t win, she is discounting the app on Friday by 60% (making this app only $11 instead of $27!!! I think this is the biggest discount she has offered, so you will not want to miss it! Good luck!

Winners for Music Theory for Beginners App!

Congratulations to Roz and Ashley for being the lucky teachers to win the Music Theory for Beginners app!

Thank you for everyone who commented. I hope you try out the Music Theory for Beginners app with your students! Remember it is on sale right now for only $2.99!

(Roz and Ashley… please email me jennifer@foxxpianostudio.com for instructions how to claim this app!)


Tech Tuesday: Music Theory App and Giveaway!

Today I am featuring one of my favorite theory apps! Music Theory for Beginners is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. If you are familiar with and enjoy the software program, Music Ace, then you will love this app! This is the closest app that I have found to be close to Music Ace. Be sure to check out their promo video on YouTube!

This app has 22 lessons that cover all the major theory topics from reading notes to rhythm to basic harmony. Students click on multiple choice answers, tap out rhythms on a drum, answer questions on the on screen keyboard, and add and slide their answers onto the staff.

From the main screen, students can choose from Lesson or Quiz. The Quiz button will take them to more challenging timed quizzes. These are for students that already know the topic and needs a little more challenge. The lessons are first brief explanations to the concept they will be quizzed on. (The lesson quizzes are not timed and reviews what they learned in the lesson explanation) Once they read the lesson, they go onto the quiz. If they need a little extra reminder when they are on the quiz, they can click on the owl and the lesson will pop up to review. After completing the quiz, students earn an an achievement badge for each topic in turn. Once you’ve earned your badge you progress to the next lesson. This app contains over 2,000 questions of varying difficulty. If a student doesn’t do well on the quiz, they can click on retry and get a different set of questions and try that lesson topic quiz again.

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The main character in the app is an Owl who will “whoooo” and turn upside down when a question is answered correctly. After a while this may get annoying to some students, so they can just mute the volume depending on the topic of the quiz whether or not you need sound. I also found after trying this app myself and then having my students use it that occasionally the quiz instructions (following the lessons) were a little confusing. Once we would go ahead and answer, not knowing what it was asking, then we could figure out what it was really asking by the answer that was given. In these cases I would have the student ‘retry’ the quiz for a better score.

Under the settings, you can change the text between English USA and English UK (wonderful!), you can change the sound volume, music volume, whether or not the piano keys are labeled, whether or not you want the metronome sound (recommended) for the rhythm lessons and whether or not you want it on teacher mode. Teacher mode unlocks all the lessons. Otherwise you need to “pass” each lesson before you can progress to the next. I use teacher mode because I might have one student starting on lesson 1 and another starting on lesson 9.

This app does not keep track of individual students so you will need a way to remember where students are. So I came up with a solution for that and created this Music Theory for Beginners App Log that you can download and have students mark their scores, etc… This sheet will list all the lesson and quiz’s so you can get a good idea what is covered in this app.

I highly recommend this app, a definite must have for your studio! As I mentioned before, besides the iPad it is also compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch, but I think it is an ideal iPad app and that’s how my students use it.

Right now this app is on sale for $2.99! (I paid $4.99 for my copy- totally worth it though!).

But wait! The developers of the Music Theory for Beginners has graciously offered to give away TWO of these apps for my blog readers! YAY!!!

So… for 1 entry leave a comment below. For an extra entry “like” my Facebook page and leave a separate comment that you did. (If you are already on my Facebook page, then just leave a separate comment that you are already there.)

Deadline to get entries in is before midnight MST on Friday, November 23rd. Good luck and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Winner for KinderBach app!

Congratulations to Beth, who is our winner for the KinderBach app! Beth an email is on it’s way with details!

Thank you for everyone who commented. I hope you try out the KinderBach app in your studio! Remember the the first two lessons are free to try out! Just click here to download. To purchase the complete set click here for the school version.

Also don’t forget: Karri extended a 30% discount to all my readers for all other products (not good on app) available on the KinderBach website. The KinderBach website 30% discount code:  FOXX2012 .  It expires 01/31/2013.

Also new available! There is new Pre-Staff sheet music available on the website as digital downloads; useful for very young students who can’t read music yet. Click here to check it out.

What is it about music?

What is it about music that can totally affect  your mood? Today our local radio station “flipped the switch” and the Christmas music officially began for the season. I have to tell you this literally put a kick in my step this morning. I feel an extra energy just by listening to their kickoff song, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

Now, you might be saying, but it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Yes, I used to feel that way… after all the Macey’s Thanksgiving Parade was supposed to be the “first” kickoff towards the Christmas season, but the last few years I realized when the Christmas music begins I look forward to Thanksgiving more! It just gets me in the mood.

In our studio’s we can’t wait for our students to hold off on learning their Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. In my studio, as soon as Halloween Festival is done, they are starting on their Christmas music. So why not embrace all of it now?

Have a most wonderful holiday season this year!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter for the Kinderbach app giveaway! Last day to enter is tomorrow!