What is it about music?

What is it about music that can totally affect  your mood? Today our local radio station “flipped the switch” and the Christmas music officially began for the season. I have to tell you this literally put a kick in my step this morning. I feel an extra energy just by listening to their kickoff song, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

Now, you might be saying, but it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Yes, I used to feel that way… after all the Macey’s Thanksgiving Parade was supposed to be the “first” kickoff towards the Christmas season, but the last few years I realized when the Christmas music begins I look forward to Thanksgiving more! It just gets me in the mood.

In our studio’s we can’t wait for our students to hold off on learning their Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. In my studio, as soon as Halloween Festival is done, they are starting on their Christmas music. So why not embrace all of it now?

Have a most wonderful holiday season this year!

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