Tech Tuesday: iPiano Tutor iPad app update

This last Saturday I had the fun opportunity along with my husband to meet Andy Fling and his wife with for breakfast. Until recently, I didn’t realize that Andy lived so close to me so this was the first time meeting him in person. If you recall I had featured Andy’s iPiano Tutor app that is in development in Tech Tuesday a couple weeks ago. In our conversation at breakfast, Andy mentioned his concern about teachers not fully understanding this app. He was concerned that teachers might be looking at this app as the latest “teach yourself” ploy. Where in fact it is quite the opposite. iPiano Tutor’s purpose is to be a tool that helps students to practice smart at home after lessons. It allows students to practice in very small chunks, as small as one note or chord if needed, and being able to not only see, but hear how it should go. Then taking those challenging sections and being successful in their practicing. In short, iPad Tutor is a practice tool that teachers will want their students to use at home.

You can learn more about and support this app here. I for one, would love to see this app developed. Students in this generation would jump at something like this to use in their practicing. On a personal level I could even see benefiting from this app in my practicing.




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