Indiegogo is a no go…

Sadly, the iPiano Tutor iPad app campaign didn’t work out. Though I really was hoping this one would, I can’t help but think how successful the support for music app campaign’s are. The people that want to support them are typically teachers or students but the problem is they usually don’t make the kind of money to back a big project. One really needs to have some big contributors to succeed and teachers typically don’t make the kind of money to be a big contributor.

Though the Indiegogo campaign is a no go, Andy Fling is not giving up and has some other possibilities waiting in the wing. Stay tuned.

Here is the announcement in regards to closing the Indiegogo campaign…


We wanted to let you know how grateful we are for each one of you who has followed and generously supported our campaign for the iPiano Tutor iPad App. We were encouraged by blog posts and everyone who helped us get the news out. In fact, over 10,000 people visited our Indiegogo campaign. Unfortunately, even if we had a great final two weeks, we will fall short of our $110,00 goal.

After very careful consideration, I have decided to close the campaign early. Part of the reason being that Indiegogo takes 9% for every dollar raised. The more money we collect means more money that will be lost in the end. In the next week I will begin refunding all payments. Payments made through PayPal will happen first. Others made by credit card will follow. (I need to figure out how to do that.)

Indiegogo just wasn’t the road for us. We’re still pursuing other possibilities however, and will update you through the newsletter and our Facebook page. (If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our newsletter and like our Facebook page.)

Newsletter and like our


We are grateful for all of your support. We will keep your contact info. If we are able to send you some sort of free value pack in the future (should the app be built) we will.

Thanks again!



Now off to MTNA conference- hope to see you there!

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