Tech Tuesday: Digital Clavier Companion

One of my most favorite music magazines that I look forward to receiving during the year is Clavier Companion. Clavier Companion started to do a digital version of their magazine this past year which I am enjoying. If you subscribe to the print edition, you automatically receive the digital version for free. I like the convenience of having the digital version available especially when I’m “on the road” so to speak. I can just go to the Clavier Companion app and not worry about taking my print edition with me. Another option is to just subscribe to the digital version. The digital version is less expensive then the print version at just $12.99 for a year subscription. In addition you can just purchase a particular digital issue.

For example, this months May/June issue is on “Managing Your Hectic Life”. The issue is packed with great ideas and highly recommended. (Plus you will want to check out my contribution on page 29! It was neat to be able to contribute along with some other wonderful teachers!) You can purchase the digital issue for $4.99. (Better deal would be to subscribe for a year…)

To find out more about Clavier Companion and subscription options visit their website.

4 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday: Digital Clavier Companion

  1. After a couple years without a Clavier Companion subscription, I finally re-subscribed at the MTNA convention. I received the current issue in the mail last week and I had forgotten how much I enjoy this magazine! So many helpful articles. What devices are you able to use the app on? I just have a kindle and I’m not sure if I would be able to read the digital edition on it or not.

      • Just found this on their FAQ page…
        Q: Is there a native version for Kindle, Nook, or other e-readers?

        A: Not at this time, though you can access the digital edition through the web browser
        on any of these devices. Clavier Companion is considering these platforms for future

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