Tech Tuesday: iOS Music App Page with Hyperlinks added

I spent all day today adding hyperlinks to the apps on the iOS Music Apps page on the blog. During this process I found a little less then a dozen apps that are no longer available. I was really bummed to see this on several of them. Which made me ponder the whole app thing. The advantage of apps is they are very affordable, sometimes even free. In addition, the updates are also free which is a huge benefit. (I could go on and on about the advantages…) The disadvantage is they aren’t always updated and they probably won’t last forever unless the developer wants to update it forever. Big changes will be coming with the new iOS 7 update which means developers are going to have to be on top of updating their apps so they still work. In the technology world this is a never ending thing. So I would imagine when an app doesn’t prove profitable or worth the time to continue to update, that is when a developer just lets it go.

So moral of the story, enjoy the apps while you can because they may not always be available as time goes by.

Enjoy the updated page with hyperlinks!

***By the way- if you aren’t on the FPSResources Facebook page you may be missing out on free apps!***

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