Piano Olympic Event Rules (updated)

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As you know by now I like to hold “Piano Olympics” in my studio every four years. 2014 is our piano olympic year but we start preparing for our events in 2013 and go into 2014, with our final recital and celebration in May. I decided to do a little update on my piano olympic events and rule sheet and thought I would share it for anyone who may be interested in doing piano olympics in your studio.

You can download the event update for free here: Piano Olympic Event Rules or in my store.

Also back in 2010 when I was doing my last piano olympics I wanted to have some sort of written activity workbook that students can work on over the course of piano olympics. Even though I have some of the same students from 4 years ago doing Piano Olympics again this year, I’m sure there will be quite a bit of difference in what they put in their workbooks this time. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress. You can check out a couple sample pages from the workbook here. (Scroll down to Piano Olympics and you will see the link)

I also added a few more activity pages to the workbook. If you had bought the workbook in the past, no worries- I emailed you the updated version. However there are a few emails that bounced so if you are one of these teachers (Amy Hansen, Jane Lester, Cheri Richardson) please contact me so I can get the updated version to you.

5 thoughts on “Piano Olympic Event Rules (updated)

  1. I’ve been looking at your Piano Olympic Event Rules and thinking I might like to do something similar for my students next year. Have I missed something here — what does MLC stand for?

  2. I am interested in your Olympics incentive. Could you give me one bit of information before I take the plunge and order? What do you use for ear training and theory tests? Thanks!

    • Thanks for your interest Robbin. The program itself is what you see for free. This year I will be using iPad apps for most of my testing. (Before that I used resources I already had in the studio. For example for theory I mostly used the Piano Adventures review test that is found in the beginning of their books before they continue in the new level. Ear Training came from the Alfred ear training books I owned.) The Piano Olympic workbook that is available to purchase is an activity workbook for students to keep them motivated between the testing. There are 9 activities in the workbook. I gave a few samples at a link above in the post to get a good feel of what you will be receiving. I hope that helps!

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