3 thoughts on “Congratulations to…

  1. Hi, Jennifer,

    I am thrilled to see my name as a winner of the SightReadMinor app. Just in time to use with my students next week as we begin the new school year.

    However, I purchased and downloaded this app when I first saw it, before your free give-away was announced because I was so anxious to use it. So I guess you can pass it on to another winner.

    Anything you have in your pocket of give-aways for a substitute by any chance?

    Jennifer, I greatly value your blog and creative contribution to our world of piano pedagogy. As a very, very long time teacher, I am amazed at the spirit of sharing of information so common today. When I began teaching, many years ago, it was in an environment of “I’m not giving away any of my secrets. You figure it out for yourself”. This is a wonderful time to be a piano teacher, thanks to all of you whose intellectual generosity we are privileged to share.

    So pass on my winning SightReadMinor App but I hope to be a happy winner in the future of an app I don’t have.

    Thanks again, Lavinia Livingston

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