Music Art

Today is my daughter’s birthday. She is a Senior this year and loves to draw and make art projects, always have and she is really talented at it. When she was small (and even still- but not as bad) she would save anything that you and I may call “trash” because it could be used to make something. Even though that drove me crazy, because she never wanted to throw anything away; I always admired her creativity and thinking outside the box. So today in celebration of her birthday, I thought I would share a fun music art idea.

Lately she has enjoyed making crayon art. There are a couple different techniques in crayon art. Here is the art I commissioned her to do for my piano lab room. This would be the “splash” technique.



IMG_2627While these aren’t “music” related art, I wanted to show the other crayon art technique that she made for us for Christmas…

My son is a kingdom heart fan, so the figure you see represents the main character of Kingdom Hearts…



My husband is a Dr. Who fan so she made him a tardis crayon art canvas…



And this one is the lovely piece she did for me, which shows a combination of a couple different techniques…

IMG_1947She also did a cute tinkerbell piece for a friend, but I forgot to take a picture of it. It’s fun to have unique art in the studio. My students have enjoyed the new art and it fits perfectly with my lab room. By the way, my daughter does take commissioned art projects (trying to save money for college) if you are interested, just shoot me an email and I can pass along the info.

4 thoughts on “Music Art

  1. These are really beautiful! I especially like the splash treble & bass clef, piano pieces. How are these done? Using crayons somehow? It’s been a long time since I used a crayola, but I’m curious. Also, I have been admiring the spiraling keyboard on the corner walls. Is this a paper graphic, or is it painted onto the wall itself?

    I am feeling inspired to do something with the large, blank wall behind my pianos. I actually love the clean, bare look — but my students have requested some colorful charts and artwork.

    • It’s a crayon melting process. I haven’t watched her do it, so I couldn’t tell you exactly how it was done. But she does use a hair dryer to help with the melting process. The spiraling keyboard is painted on the wall itself. Ways to add some fun color to the room. 🙂

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