Tech Tuesday: Moosic Studio Update (and giveaway!)


I am excited to announce that the version 1.1 update that everyone has been waiting for with the iPad app, Moosic Studio is officially live and kicking! Yes, teachers Moosic Studio now includes invoicing and more!

So let’s find out what everyone will see with the new update. I know billing was the most anticipated, so we will begin there. There are 3 main new features related to billing:

1. Invoicing- (hoorah!) This feature has been one that teachers have been chomping at the bit for. With this feature, teachers will be able to invoice for any period of time. Whether or not you invoice monthly by the semester and such, you can make it happen. If you need to make an adjustment (add a charge, give a discount, etc…) you can. In addition you can easily add flagged student expenses to your invoice so you are able to get reimbursed. When you mark an invoice as paid, Moosic Studio will automatically mark all the associated expenses as “PAID”. Do you have parents that still pay by check? You can now easily capture an image of the check for your records. How convenient is that? The nice thing about the invoicing feature is being able to view a list of invoices for whatever month you need to. You can group them by paid or outstanding so they are easily tracked. If you use Evernote, Dropbox or similar service, you would be able to send their invoices through those services as well as emailing or printing them out.




2. Per Student Expense tracking-  Part of running a business is making sure expenses on all sides of the coin are tracked. In the Student Detail page, you can now track expenses for students. Just tap on the Student List and then the student, scroll to the bottom and start adding expenses. You can track them entirely independently from the studio expenses. If you collect a yearly “Materials Fee” to pay for materials or events (music, recitals…) you will be able to easily track these expenses with this feature. Maybe you don’t have a materials fee but rather just buy the materials and get reimbursed? You can then add a flag to the expense to be added to the families invoice so you can be sure you are reimbursed!

3. Studio Transactions– This can track both debits (for expenses) and credits (for additional income). This is an important feature especially come tax time. Moosic Studio now allows you to track and itemize studio expenses and additional income (church jobs, accompaniments, etc.) and keep a running balance for it all!


A few other updates you will find in Moosic Studio:


– New multi-currency icon
– Cents are no longer displayed
– Large amounts will be displayed properly

– “Billing” has been changed to “Financials”
– Students and parents are now displayed with a case insensitive sorting
– Student emails pre-populated with Student and Parent’s email when emailing a lesson

Lesson Creation-
– Changed “Theory” to “Theory Lesson”
– Cost type (Flat Fee & Per Lesson) is now required if the lesson cost is anything other than $0.00
– If lesson frequency is weekly, days of week are now required
– Removed auto-adjustment of dates and times when creating a lesson
– Added lesson summary and confirmation when creating a lesson. This means that users will have the opportunity to review lesson details before they save them. So if you need to make any changes, you can do so until you get it right.

If you are a teacher that held off on buying Moosic Studio but now thinking, darn! I should have bought it, I could really use something like this in my studio! Well, I have the giveaway for you! Carlos is offering one lucky reader a free download of brand new off the press updated app to try! But DO NOT WAIT ONE SECOND to enter! Enter right now because you only have until 10:00pm TONIGHT mountain standard time before I pick a winner! Yes, that is right, one of you lucky teachers will be able to start using Moosic Studio within 24 hours for free if you win! But you can’t win unless you make a comment below on why you want to win Moosic Studio.

Be sure to like Moosic Studio on Facebook so you can stay up to date with this great app! And just a reminder, if you don’t have an iPad (YET!) but know you will be getting one in the near future, go ahead and enter because you can still download the app now. It will sit in your iTunes store until you sync your new iPad. So what are you waiting for, enter now! Be sure to like FPSResources on Facebook as well!

Moosic Studio is compatible with the iPad (iOS 5.0 or later) and is available to purchase for $69.99. (Totally worth it when you consider all that it includes and no monthly expenses!) Customer support for this app is superb! Carlos Fontiveros is always willing and able to help teachers navigate around Moosic Studio and always keeps the needs of teachers in mind. Thank you Carlos!

(You can see my original review of Moosic Studio – 6 months ago- before these updates here.)

36 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday: Moosic Studio Update (and giveaway!)

  1. I would like to win so I can minimize the time I spend with so many different ways I have to keep track of accounting. Quickbooks, Excel Files, etc – the list goes on. One app for everything – pick me please!!

  2. My updated piano studio includes technologies I never imagined years ago. The iPad was my first venture. Now, new and quicker finance procedures will further update me!

  3. I’ve been on the fence, because of my ongoing frustration with my iPad, but if I were to win a free copy of this app, maybe I would be converted?! I would like to try it out. So pick me, pick me!

  4. I would LOVE to have the Moosic studio app! I love my iPad and use it for everything! I have been using a site where I pay a monthly fee to keep up with attendance and billing but to have it all at my disposal on my iPad would be incredible! I love the reviews I have read and think the ability to email the student notes to parents would be awesome!

  5. I would love to use Moosic Studio because of all the features. It would make answering all of the questions parents have easier. You can track attendance, billing, have samples of student work, and the list goes on and on….. Saying I would like to win is an understatement…..I wold LOVE to win! It would help bring my studio into the 21st century.

  6. Moosic Studio sounds like a wonderful app that would help to organize and decrease the countless hours of administrative work, so that teachers such as I can really focus on the skill and passion of music making and teaching. I would love to win this app! Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. Mosaic app sounds like a private teachers dream. I’m excited to get it working for me so I can have time to do other creative things with my time. I hope I win this app. Go mosaic!!! 😀

  8. I would love to transfer all my student payments from my calendar to a up to date electronic version. So many times I can’t remember if someone has paid me and so I don’t bring it up. What if they have? I look unorganized asking again…oh this would be a blessing!

  9. Would love to win this to use on my new IPad !! I tell people that in my “next life” I will come back in the organized version of me! Numerous times I have discovered 2 or 3 months after the fact that someone didn’t pay me :(, Recently, I found a 3 month old check that I failed to credit and deposit, and then a couple of weeks later found a check for 2 siblings summer payment! Hopefully, the piano gods will shine on me and see how useful this would be for me!

  10. I would really like to try this app – my ultimate goal is to be able to keep all of my studio – related info in one place – my ipad. Wouldn’t that be awesome! I’m glad it works on IOS 5.

  11. You don’t have to pick. I bought the app this summer and love it! But having the invoicing portion is icing on the cake. What a time saver! I use it on my iPad Mini.

  12. I have averaged almost 60 students at multiples locations for the past 11 years of teaching and it is a lot of administrative work to keep track of payments, billing, etc. How I would love to not be up late at night doing the things that the Moosic Studio app could do for me!! I have been trying to use my new iPad to save me precious time and this sounds like the perfect app to do just that!

  13. I would LOVE this app! I’ve been using something else for years but hate the ongoing monthly cost for just a small handful of students. This app finally sounds like it could take the place of that now that I can invoice. Yay!

  14. Before I read about Moosic Studio, I thought I would have to carry around my iPad PLUS my trombone case PLUS an additional rolling bag to keep track of all the paperwork that I still had to maintain. The iPad was a neat toy, but with this app, it can finally be the tool it was intended to be! Not only would I use it with my younger private lessons, but each of my college students who are private teaching would be highly encouraged to use it, too. I wish I had had this technology when I first started out! Organized teachers make better teachers, and organized teachers set better examples for students training to teach.

  15. As my studio has grown I feel I need something to manage everything! I can’t remember who paid and who hasn’t paid unless I look at my spreadsheet on my computer and I don’t want to bring my big, old computer to school every day! I always seem to have a problem keeping up with music I’ve given my students. I think this would help so much for the me to be better organized!

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