Tech Tuesday: iOS 7 and an iPad app giveaway!

Last week was a crazy busy week and I’m just starting to catch up. Last week as many of you know, was the anticipated iOS 7 update. There were articles going around to hold off on updating if you had in particularly some “older” products (ie: iPad 2 etc…). I ended up upgrading my 4s iPhone to a 5s, so that made everything most current. I am enjoying the new iPhone 5s especially the fingerprint scan feature. However if I was coming from a iPhone 5 I wouldn’t have bothered to upgrade. I recently upgraded one of my iPad 3’s (I have a personal one and a studio lab one for my students). For the most part it is fine, but I do have some apps that keep crashing on me. So I’m hoping those updates to fix the crashes will come soon. I decided to hold off on updating my studio lab iPad for that reason until some bugs get fixed. Still trying to get used to the look of the update. There are some things that I felt didn’t need changing but were etc… Not too sure how I feel about the look of iOS 7. My husband calls it the “fisher price” update because of how it looks.

There is a video that the Technology in Music Education blog made showing the difference between the iOS 6 and iOS 7. I wanted to share this especially if you haven’t upgraded yet as I found it really helpful when I did upgrade. Video


It is time for another iPad app giveaway! A couple weeks ago we gave away the SightReadPlus app, a wonderful sight-reading app for major keys. This week it just makes sense to give away the SightReadMinor app right? So that is what we are doing! If you missed the review on the SightRead Minor app you can read it here. Remember if you already have this app, win it for a lucky student in your studio!

Deadline to enter is by this next Monday, September 30th; 10:00pm (mountain time). (*Winner MUST respond within 72 hours of announcement or another winner will be chosen*) The winner will be announced on this blog and on the FPSResources Facebook page by Tuesday, October 1st. Be sure you subscribe to the blog and on our Facebook page so you don’t miss out seeing if you are a winner!


If you missed out last week on winning the SightReadPlus app for yourself or a student, The Fame School Blog is giving a copy of this app this week. Deadline is THIS Thursday, September 26th so be sure to visit and enter to win!

22 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday: iOS 7 and an iPad app giveaway!

  1. I bought this sight reading app this summer and love it! I’d really like to have the new version with minor sight reading exercises-please enter me into the drawing! Thanks!

  2. I recently switched my phone to Android, but it took me a while to think of what I would do with my iPhone 3 . . . duh . . . I will use it for music games for my students. Every once in a while when I have siblings, there is one student waiting for the computer lab, instead of a coloring book they can use the iPhone apps. Tried it yesterday, and it worked splendidly! I would love to add this app to my studio iPhone 🙂

  3. I believe one of the most important skills I can develop in my students is to help them become strong sight-readers, because they will be asked last-minute to play things much more often, than to be asked to play a sonatina, minuet, etc. Unfortunately. Also, sightreading helps students to learn the pieces they want to play, hopefully, including sonatina, minuets, etc. I would love to win this app for my studio!

  4. Just started using an iPad in my studio this fall, slowly exploring the many apps available. Would love to use this app, thank you for entering me in the giveaway!

  5. I would love to have this for my students! I use my iPad during lessons all the time and they love it! More like playing than learning in their minds!

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