RMM Video’s by Debra Perez

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Back in March 2012, I attended a MTNA presentation by Will Bailey on RMM and Teenagers. Then about 6 weeks ago I did a review on Musical Moments, a book for RMM adults, by Debra Perez and Will Bailey. As you can tell, I have been fascinated with the RMM philosophy and the more I learn about it, the more comfortable and excited I am about it. When I posted the review, I mentioned that Debra was offering 3 free 1-hour seminars to the first 100 teachers that register. If you weren’t one of the lucky 100 teachers that made the cut before, today is your LUCKY day because they are now available to view online for FREE!

You will find 3 videos:

-Teaching Elementary Age Piano Students in Small Groups: Techniques Both You and Your Students Will Enjoy!

-The Why and How of Teaching Chord Charts to Teenage Piano Students

-Adult Hobbyist at the Piano: Teaching Techniques for Helping Each Student Experience Their Dream of Playing the Piano

Click here for the link.

I would highly recommend you set some time to view these video’s. Whether or not you use the materials, there is valuable insight to be learned. Thank you Debra for putting these together to help us understand the RMM process and how easy and enjoyable it can be!


One thought on “RMM Video’s by Debra Perez

  1. I agree! Debra and Will’s books are great! I see this as the future of piano lessons for recreation. It’s great to know that EVERYONE can play the piano! I went to one their weekend seminars in Corpus Christi, and learned so much. Good stuff!
    -Amber, Oklahoma City

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