Tech Tuesday: Giveaway and Sale Extended!


I heard through the web vine that today is “Giving Tuesday” so for one day only I would like to give back to all my wonderful readers and do a giveaway for one product of your choice in my store. Deadline to enter is 10:00pm tonight (AZ mountain standard). Just like my Facebook page here then leave a comment below of which product you would like to win and a product idea you would like to see available in my store.


Tomorrow is “Wish List Wednesday” so I am also extending the 20% off everything in my store deal through this Wednesday. While there, be sure to check out The Nutcracker Christmas Camp. It works for not only camps but for group classes as well. Be sure to check that out and more here.

13 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday: Giveaway and Sale Extended!

  1. I just caught wind of “Giving Tuesday” for the first time today, too! How thoughtful of you to participate!! I’d love a chance to win your “Abracadabra! AlaKazoo!” resource!! Just liked your FB page, too!

  2. I am very intrigued by the Nutcracker Christmas Camp!
    Now for the idea for something in your store: I’d love to see some sort of workbook or activity pages for students with autism or other challenges that have a difficult time manipulating an instrument. For example, I have a student with autism that cannot physically play the piano (my first autistic student with this issue…most of mine are quite brilliant at the piano) but she loves music so we work on theory, history, appreciation, etc. I wanted to come up with ideas for projects she could display in lieu of a recital piece so that she can still be involved and “show off” at the recital.

  3. I would love to receive your “Magic of Music” Incentive Program. Your “Piano Karate” has been SO successful this year in my studio!

  4. I want to win the Nutcracker Christmas Camp!
    I would also love to see more composer activities: bio + featured work + games!

    Thank you for all you do!
    And I apologize if this posted twice! It made me stop & log in! Oops

  5. I’ve “liked” your page for a long time already 🙂 I’m very interested in your Nutcracker package, though it’s too late to implement it this year. I’m trying out group lessons to take the place of the final week of solo lessons before Christmas. If all goes well, I plan to implement it as more of a mandatory thing for next year (I have had 3 opt out of the group lesson so far)

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