Review and Giveaway: Piano Pronto

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Back in 2011 I started using Piano Pronto with my students. It all started with a couple transfers I was stumped on what books I wanted to use and Piano Pronto was sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be used. Once I started with the series I was hooked. You can read about my experiences back then here and here. It has now been 2 1/2 years since I have been using Jennifer Eklund’s music in my studio and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I had those transfers back then that stumped me because I have been extremely happy with everything that she has written.

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Most of my students (even adults- they LOVE Piano Pronto) now use Piano Pronto because I have seen such growth in my students from these method books. Students not only advance faster but are enjoying the music as they are advancing! Most of the pieces in the method books are familiar. In the beginning levels students will play familiar folk tunes. As they advance, they are excited about familiar classical pieces. There is a variety of styles found- folk tunes, classical, jazz, blues and some Eklund originals.

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In the last couple years Jennifer Eklund has been offering some awesome supplementary material. And when I saw awesome, that is putting it mildly. I can’t say enough about her arrangements and original compositions. Recently, I started using the New Horizons, Impressions, Dog Days and other supplemental books as a “performance” book along with the method for my students. The pieces are so fun and motivating for students to play. There is not a dud in the bunch!

And we have to mention the Christmas music! Jennifer’s Christmas Classics books are my most favorite Christmas music to play! The arrangements are pure heaven. Every single one of them truly brings in the Christmas spirit. Even my parents have been mentioning how much they love hearing the pieces their children are playing at home.

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Since I am a HUGE Piano Pronto fan, I took advantage of the digital unlimited reproduction option that Jennifer now offers in her store. When you purchase the unlimited reproduction option you can legally print out unlimited copies for all the students in your studio. After purchasing this option, I just email my local printer the digital file and give him my printing order. Purchasing this option up front was worth the investment to me because I use her material a lot. I LOVE that she included this option and would love to see more publishing companies do this. I also put a copy of the music on my iPad so it is conveniently available should a student forget their music.

If you are looking for material to use with your students I highly recommend looking into the Piano Pronto materials if you haven’t already. You can view and listen to samples on the website. If you are not a subscriber to Piano Pronto’s YouTube page, be sure to subscribe. This is where you can see andor hear Jennifer Eklund playing her arrangements or original compositions.

Now if all that wasn’t exciting to read, Jennifer has offered to do a holiday giveaway! If the winner is domestic, you will choose a hardcopy of either Christmas Classics Volume 1 or Volume 2 *UPDATE* OR you can choose one of the method books. If the winner is international, you will receive a digital copy. And if that wasn’t enough, Jennifer decided to sweeten the pot a bit and throw in a free duet of their choice too! (Speaking of duets, they are fantastic! But we had no doubt, right?!)

To enter just leave a comment below by this Wednesday, December 11th Thursday, December 12th 10:00pm (AZ mountain standard). Winner will be announced by Thursday, December 12th Friday, December 13th. Don’t forget to check out all the music at!

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130 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Piano Pronto

    • My students and I have enjoyed Jennifer’s original music and arrangements since the beginning. She understands today’s busy piano student and knows what they like and what will keep them playing. I’d love to win a copy of her method book because I think I have everything else:-)

  1. I have to ditto all the recommendations made! I too started out using them for transfer students and was so pleased with their pleasure in the music and how much it helped me be able to figure out what the students were lacking, etc. I am now using all of Jennifer’s material and love it all!

  2. Thanks for all the info about Piano Pronto. I’m still in search of the ideal piano method and now feel inspired to check out Jennifer’s materials.

  3. I have used several of Jennifer’s Christmas arrangements and my students simply love them! Would like to check out her method books as well.

  4. Thanks for your comments on Piano Pronto. It is always good to learn of other teachers’ experience with a method before committing to it. I would love to try it with my students.

  5. I will definitely check this series out! I would love to win! I’m always looking for new material to keep my students motivated about piano! Thanks for this information!

  6. I to have some transfer students who have “stumped” me on what method books to use. I will def. go check out piano pronto and see if it would be a good fit. Thanks for the chance to win some PiAno Pronto items. 🙂

  7. I, too, love Jennifer’s music and have gotten a few students who were waining back into loving piano by introducing her compositions to them!

  8. I would love to win either of these collections. My students have *loved* Jennifer’s works, and I fully anticipate having more and more of them in use in my studio. Thank you, Jennifer, for creating these lovely pieces of music that not only provide great exposure to some beautiful music, but encourage our students to continue on with their studies. 🙂

  9. My students are really enjoying your music Jennifer – and I love teaching it because they
    love to learn it. If I happened to win this it would be great, but either way I will continue to
    buy your compositions….

  10. I love the Piano Pronto materials! Jennifer’s arrangements always sound beautiful and at the same time have “lessons” built in! I’ve had a student who is literally afraid to move out of “position” but the beginning Christmas book has helped her tremendously! Thanks for great materials Jennifer!

  11. Found Jennifer’s music and PianoPronto earlier this year via Making Music Fun blog. I LOVE IT! My students don’t feel like little kids with kiddy pictures. They can move through at their own pace. Most of them love to practice because they love the music! I can’t wait to own the whole library! (slowly, but surely!)

  12. I had started using Piano Pronto this past May with 4 students who had progressed quickly through Alfred’s Premier 1A and I felt could and needed to go faster. They have flown through Jennifer’s pieces and I’m hearing so many comments from parents that their students are playing more at home: Score! I was fortunate this summer to meet Jennifer at the NCKP and purchased more of her materials. I just gave “Songs I love to Play” to a student who has been a challenge to find music she wants to play and this student loves it! Looking forward to more from Jennifer.

  13. Jennifer is directly responsible for a change of heart from one of my pupils – she was on the verge of giving up, and I had even received notice from her mother – but then we discovered Jennifer’s fabulous music and she decided to ditch her extra netball practise in favour of playing the piano! Thank you so much for your inspiration Jennifer!

  14. Jennifer Eklund is beginning to be a household/studio name around here!!! Students are loving to learn her beautifully arranged music & performing at our studio fall recital! Obtaining more of her music would be a joy! Thank you so much!!

  15. I already have Holiday Classics 1 and it’s wonderful to work with. Would love to have vol 2 as well. Jennifer is first on my list when looking for new materials.

  16. Since I have switched my students from their previous method book to Piano Pronto I have seen a great improvement — not only that having the theory with in the book has helped me from making theory sheets to go with the music selection. I just ordered 4 more books and it was so humble to receive a beautiful note from Jennifer and a surprise. I bought my books on the small business day!

  17. I recently ordered some of Jennifer’s book. I noticed that my teenage piano students always “went” for the unique, mysterious sounding or haunting types of music. I receiving a link to her website, through a facebook friend. To my delight, Jennifer’s website was the most user-friendly site I’ve ever seen. I was able to listen to every single one of her compositions. This is the reason I ordered her books … because I got to hear the pieces before I ordered. I would love to win this contest to introduce more of my students to her music.

  18. I’m loving all of the freebies she posts, which are fantastic, and have been seriously thinking about getting the Piano Pronto method, too. Thanks for this giveaway!

  19. I would love to try some of Jennifer’s music! It sounds great and would give me some more options for my students. Thanks for this offer.

  20. I am an adult student and found Jennifer by sheer luck! What a great inspiration she has been in my progression in learning. Her music is relevant and beautiful and so much more interesting than my basic lessons! Working thru her methods and pieces helped me so much to advance in a timely manner! I own both Christmas Volumes and they are full of beautiful arrangements of favorite carols! Would make a great gift to give to my piano teacher!

  21. Comprei vários livros e amei! Achei sensacional os arranjos e meus alunos também amaram. Super recomendo!
    Obrigada Jeniffer!
    Luciana Spínola Rezk
    São Paulo- Brasil

  22. I love that Jennifer’s music is so out there on the internet! It’s great when you have instant access to download wonderful music. I’d love to win this!

  23. I have used some of Jennifer’s beginning pieces and books. It is so nice to be able to offer something different to my students. I like the theory mixed in with pieces, and I especially like how she has small sections to practice before starting a new piece. The notes are big and easy to read and make learning very delightful for my students. They enjoy the music also. Her simplified classical music is wonderful to use with fairly new students who want to play classical music, but aren’t ready for the masters as yet. I highly recommend her music. Thank you Jennifer for giving us an alternative. It is also very nice to be able to download her music and not have to go to the Music store and hour away. I just charge a little extra to pay for the paper and ink.

  24. I am an adult returning to the piano after a 40 year break! I found Jennifer’s Piano Pronto and the level books were just what I needed to get going again. However, the Christmas music lights up my life. I start practicing in September! The music is so beautiful and lifts my spirits!

  25. Last Sunday night I was asked to play about 15 minutes of prelude music – right then! I grabbed Jennifer Eklund’s Christmas Classics vol. 1 and played away. Life Saver!! I thought it rather funny that people were still talking while I played several pieces but at the first notes of Carol of the Bells it got completely quiet! I was more or less sight reading so that was a bit disconcerting. But luckily I was teaching this to a student so I was famiar with this beautiful arrangement. Thank you Jennifer for such beautiful and accessible music!

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  27. So many of my students have been inspired by Jennifer’s arrangements. She definitely knows how to get students motivated by arranging pieces they are familiar with.

  28. Well…what to say…I absolutely LOVE all of Jennifer Ecklund’s compositions, there are none that compare! I have purchased some Christmas solo sheets for students and myself, as well as her regular solos and can’t say enough good things about them. They are all just beautifully written and a joy to teach and play. I WANNA WIN! Thanks for entering me in this giveaway!

  29. I’m very intrigued and interested in trying Jennifer Ecklund’s materials with my students – there are so many positive reviews by other teachers, New materials and fresh ideas are so helpful to all of us who have been teaching for years.

  30. I can’t seem to keep a copy of her Christmas Classics Volume 2 in my studio, because every time I show it to a student they want to keep it! I would love to win a copy to keep for myself ….

  31. I just took a quick glance at this and I’m amazed. I am still clinging to a few copies of an old method book (copyright 1940s), because I love the fact that notation is taught from page one! Will definitely spend some more time over the holidays looking through Piano Pronto, because I am not a fan of any of the current methods out there for beginners, and because it looks like what I would have liked to have written!!

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