Saturday Solos (Review and Giveaway)

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Susan Susan is known for her fun games and printable resources for students, but did you know that she also has music books available to purchase?

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.30.30 PM

One of the music books she has written is called Saturday Solos. Susan composed 14 original solos to celebrate childhood. When she was a child, she remembers long sunny Saturday, hunting doodle bugs, playing in the creek, picking berries and riding bikes. Though times have changed some, one thing that doesn’t change is the fun of daydreaming and exploring.

Inside you will find pieces such as: “Stuck Inside, Laughing Song, I Like Bugs and Cycling Down the Street. These simple yet refreshing pieces are sure to delight each child who learns them. In addition, Susan has included 6 traditional pieces such as Camptown Races, Found a Peanut, Deedle Deedle Dumpling and She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain. She wanted to include some traditional pieces in this book so students had some pieces they would recognize.

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The pieces in Saturday Solos are written in C, middle C and G position. You won’t find expression marks in the music because Susan wanted to create music that would allow students to concentrate on the step and skip pattern. This also allows the student to add expression marks later. There is also minimum finger numbers encouraging teachers to add in when necessary.

Saturday Solos would make a perfect supplementary book for the beginning student. The solos are delightful, playful and simply refreshing. Because the pieces are pattern based with lots of stepping and skipping, it is a wonderful book for those students that need practice moving in different positions. In addition all the pieces lend itself well for students to learn and practice transposing. You can purchase Saturday Solos as well as other music she has written in her store here.

Susan has offered to give a digital copy of Saturday Solos to a lucky teacher! To enter please comment below. Deadline to enter is by Saturday, February 1st; 10:00pm (az mountain standard).   Giveaway has expired.

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122 thoughts on “Saturday Solos (Review and Giveaway)

  1. I love Susan and her work!!! She is such a fun person and inspires me to make learning fun for my students! I use her work daily in my lessons and would love to win!

  2. This sounds great! I use Susan’s worksheets frequently and I am so thankful to have so many resources (like this blog) to help me learn to teach more effectively. I would love to win!

  3. What a fantastic collection! I have a lot of beginner students right now that are working on the step/skip theory and these songs would be a welcome addition to my resources. Thank you Susan!

  4. What a treat! I love the description of Susan’s childhood moments. What child wouldn’t enjoy these pieces? Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this lovely book of Susan’s work.

  5. I can’t sing enough praises for Susan’s work. I love how her materials are all eye-candy to me. They make me happy just looking at them, so colorful and appealing. I would enjoy anything she produces and bless her for her hard work and for sharing with those of us who love beautiful things but can’t do it ourselves.

  6. Susan’s material has been a gold mine for me. I just returned to teaching private pianos after teaching elementary music for 30 years. Her worksheets and games has made the transitionn so easy!

  7. This book looks wonderful! I appreciate that you wanted to allow the students to focus on steps and skips. So practical for my students! Thank you

  8. Susan is my first “go-to” resource for EVERYTHING! Very rarely do I not find everything I need for my students. She’s absolutely fantastic!

  9. Susan’s materials are wonderful! I would love to receive ‘Saturday Solos.’ I know her pieces will be excellent, just like everything else she does!

  10. Susan’s games are such educationally sound teaching materials. I think she really knows the psychological make-up of young pianists and the music she composes demonstrate that. Looking forward to using her Saturday Solos.

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  12. Love Susan’s resources!!! Use them with all my students. Great for my very visually oriented special needs students especially!!! I would love a copy of this book! :o)

  13. I don’t know of a week that goes by that I don’t use one of Susan’s ideas in my studio. This would be wonderful to have as well. Thanks for doing this.

  14. SATURDAY SOLOS looks like a great supplement for my music files! I love Susan’s games, worksheets and music. What a treasure!!

  15. I really enjoy Susan’s work. I have two students in particular who would love these songs and would benefit immensely from learning them. Thanks.

  16. I love Susan’s printables! Glad I’ve been led to your blog now, too. Looks like you share lots of great info in addition to this wonderful give-away, so I’ll be following you via Feedly. Thanks!

  17. The comments seem to be universal: ‘I love Susan’s printables and I use them all the time!’ I totally agree. What I wonder is how many of these commenters are donating to Susan’s site? If each of us who loves her materials donated $5 or 10 even once a year, it would give her a little financial lift as well as all the personal cheer I hope she gets from all of our appreciation!

  18. I definitely agree that Susan’s resources are fantastic. My pupils enjoy playing the Sunny Solos and her games and worksheets are well used in my studio. Other teachers I have told about her site are also very impressed. Sites like yours and Susan’s and the valuable information you share are amazing. Thank you very much for your generosity and constant inspiration.

  19. I have been following Susan for a very long time. Love all her materials. My students have been playing a lot of her music. They always love the songs. I would love a copy of this book. Thanks for your. Log as well. Such a great resource.

  20. I also love Susan’s website and her music. I appreciate her gentle spirit when responding to the Faber forum questions. Her Church and Christmas music transcriptions are so helpful with my beginning and intermediate students! Thanks for putting me in the draw for this book!

  21. Susan Paradis has wonderful resources for piano teachers. She is creative, loves things well done, and her resources exude the love she has for music and for her students. I use many of her games with my students and they just love them! Thanks to Susan for her love and dedication to music and to her generous spirit for sharing such fantastic resources.

  22. I am new to Susan’s materials but have found them helpful during lessons. A copy of her book would definitely be a great resource.

  23. I really love Susan’s resources! She is so creative as well as inspiring! I have some students that I think would really benefit from this book. Hope I win!

  24. I have used so much of Susan’s materials and would love to win a copy of her solos. If they are as great as her other pieces, they will be fantastic.

  25. How exiting! I LOVE Susan’s work! I have purchased Sunny Solos and More Sunny Solos. My students really get into these fun, lyrical pieces after finishing Level 1A. They “go to it” with gusto, excited that they can play an entire book between lessons. They feel like pros and can’t wait to dive into the next level. I already feel like a winner just having access to her website. Loads of stuff!

  26. Thanks to Susan and her wonderfully imaginative aids, I have been making progress with a student who is perceptually impaired and has dyslexia. She is such a sweet girl and we laugh and love all the great games from Susan. Thank you again and again.

  27. Thanks for the chance to win this book, this would be perfect for my students who are participating in the 40 piece challenge for the year.

  28. Susan is a valuable resource for us piano teachers. She publishes brilliant materials that are educational, colorful and engaging. The kids love them and learn from them. It would be a wonderful asset to my studio. I’d love the chance to win her book!!

  29. My students know Susan Paradis by name because I use so many of her games and songs. Not a week goes by when I don’t implement something I’ve learned from her. She would probably be very humbled if she knew how many people followed her songs and ideas. 🙂 I love how this book mixes some new songs and some good old recognizable ones.

  30. I so appreciate Susan’s generosity and creativity. Her pieces, games and worksheets have been a source of inspiration to my students and to me. We would love a copy of her book.

  31. I find Susan’s materials to be very creative and inspiring! This would be a great resource! Count me in! Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. I love Susan’s blog and all her games, music, and worksheets! I use most of her things in my piano lessons every week, and my kids love it! I would love to have a copy of this book to add to my collection.

  33. My goodness! What a long column of comments! Very popular! I am happy, Susan, that you have included some traditional folk songs, like Comin’ Round the Mountain. Children do not know any of these songs and are losing the heritage of the pioneer music of our nation. I know just the student who will love this book.

  34. My students have so enjoyed the materials from Susan’s website. They actually giggle when we do the activities. I have not tried her music yet, but I would love to!

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