Review: Spotlight Solos


Jennifer Eklund (Piano Pronto) recently came out with a new supplementary book that I wanted to share with you today. Spotlight Solos is a highly motivating supplementary solo book for Late Beginners through Early Intermediate students. You may recognize some of the pieces that are available elsewhere, but may have been arranged a little different then the original version.

Someday is perfect for those students that enjoy the pop style arrangements such as Taylor Swift.

Spanish Dance is a fun piece to play that is upbeat with fun syncopated rhythms.

End Game is a studio favorite that is played fast and has lots of LH crossovers for students to have fun with. Boys and girls alike enjoy playing this one! Since it’s in C minor it would even work well for Halloween time!

The Return is another pop style piece that is very motivational to learn and play.

No Limits is an exciting piece especially for boys (but girls like it too!). I love the rhythms in this one!

Bluesy Tuesday is a fun jazzy piece that practices swing and triplets.

Super Spy Guy is another great piece that would be perfect to play at Halloween time or any time. Sneaky fun!

Oh Snap! gets the student snapping and swinging. Another great piece for students who enjoy playing jazzy solos.

Skipping Town was written with the teacher in mind. Perfect for students who need to practice their steps vs. skips and 2 note phrases.

The Chase is another favorite. Fast and furious and oh so much fun to play! It’s one of those “sounds harder then it is” pieces that inspires and motivates a student to keep playing!

Spotlight Solos is 5 star book that is jam packed with motivation pieces for students to play. Each piece will become a favorite as they learn them. A student saver must have!

Jennifer has offered to giveaway a copy of Spotlight Solos to a lucky teacher! If the winner is domestic, you will receive a hardcopy and if you are international, you will receive a single license digital copy. To enter just leave a comment below by this Tuesday, February 18th 10:00pm (AZ mountain standard). Giveaway has expired. Don’t forget to check out all the music at!

Want a 10% discount on Just enter promo code: foxx10feb. This code is good through February. 


67 thoughts on “Review: Spotlight Solos

  1. I’ve already purchased Super Spy Guy and The Chase and the students I bought them for loved them. I’d love to own the whole collection!

  2. I am always looking for new material for high school piano class students. This looks like a great resource! Would love to win one!

  3. Always looking for a composer who knows what kids can play, and better, what they like! Its time I look closer at Jennifer’s books!

  4. Enter me, please! I’m a huge fan of Jennifer’s music – not only for my students, but I love playing her lyrical arrangements myself, too 🙂

  5. This collection sounds like the perfect thing for 3 of my students right now. I love Jennifer’s other music, so I would love to win this collection.

  6. I am close to deciding to be 100% Eklund!! I love her music and my adult and older kid students would love this book. Thank you for offering a free one. I have her New Horizons supplement book and just love it.

  7. I have been considering this book for my students. This would be such a great opportunity to try it out. It seems like a favorite for a lot of teachers.

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