Walking Billboards

A couple weeks ago I was wearing a t-shirt I bought years ago that says “Piano Teachers have a Grand Time”.


On this particular day, I was dropping my daughter off to work and getting some gas at the gas station when a lady drove up to me and asked if I was a piano teacher. Why yes! I said… She is now on my waiting list.

Fast forward to yesterday and I’m wearing my t-shirt again. This time I was at my physical therapy appointment (nursing tendonitis in my elbow- no fun!) and a lady also receiving PT asked me, do you teach piano? I am looking for a teacher for my two kids. Why yes! And I gave her my card.

That night I was across the street meeting our new neighbor and she noticed my shirt and asked if I taught piano lessons. Why yes! She proceeded to tell me her daughter who also lives in the area is looking for a teacher.

I have to say sometimes I will wear my shirt and nobody will say anything, but lately it has been my walking billboard. You just never know…

A couple weeks ago I held my Keyboard Festival event where I order t-shirts for all my student participants. On the t-shirts I always make sure my studio website is included. They can be walking billboards too.


If you are looking for a place to have your t-shirts printed, I highly recommend using CustomInk.com. I used them for the first time this year and was highly satisfied. (I haven’t had much luck with local businesses) They made the entire process so easy. I designed my shirt, which then created a link that I was able to pass onto my piano parents. All they needed to do was click on the link and enter their child’s size. Once everyone submitted their size, I clicked on the order button and a couple weeks later they arrived. So easy and quality was excellent!

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