Facebook notifications on iPhone, etc…

Just wanted to give a quick update to yesterdays post! (Thanks Leia S.!) If you are on your iPhone, you will need to click on the specific post that you want to get notifications on, then click the triangle, and then your option. Now I’m not 100% sure if this will mean you will get notifications every time that person posts anything or if it is just for that post (hopefully the latter). Worth trying!

Get Notifications

Stop Notifications


One thought on “Facebook notifications on iPhone, etc…

  1. You’re right. I wonder if this is a new update? However, on my ipad app (I don’t have the iphone so I can’t speak for that but I would think iOS would be the same) that option won’t appear when you are viewing the post in a list of posts, like your news feed or on a group page. Only if you click on the time stamp underneath the name of the OP to load just that one post on your screen will the get notifications options be there. Otherwise if you look in newsfeed or a group page it will follow/unfollow a person, not a post. Hope that helps!

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