Review: Summer Camp- “D is for Dragon”

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Will and Stephy Bailey with recently released a piano camp for beginners, D is for Dragon.

D is for Dragon is a 5-day camp that includes:

-Lesson Plans

-Student books

-Activities and Resources

D is for Dragon has a creative medieval times feel that students will really enjoy. The camp is written in story based form that includes the background music while the teacher reads the story. This creates a nice ambience while students listen. The story is set in the Kingdom of Melody in the Castle of Mirth with a great Prince and a Dragon named Dreary. There are some surprises to behold in the story so I won’t spoil them. You will just need to check it out.

In this 5-day camp students will explore the keyboard, do some black key improv, vamp chords and even play hands together during Keyboard Time. Students will have fun off the bunch and making crowns or tiara’s, masks and a keyboard dragon during Activity Time and playing games during Game Time. They will have plenty of opportunities for review and some free time as well. The camp closes in a fun celebration and pizza party. (optional)

Upon opening the camp files, you might notice that the full title is called Chapter 1: D is for Dragon. After reading through the story you will find that though the camp has come to a close it is probably not the last time students will hear about Dreary the Dragon sometime in a future camp, perhaps.

To get a nice preview of what this camp includes, be sure to watch this video:

D is for Dragon piano camp is available for $30.00. Everything is reproducible. As mentioned above it includes a student book that you can print for all your student participants. Will Bailey has offered to give a lucky teacher a copy of D is for Dragon to try with their students! Thanks Will!

To enter the giveaway, please comment below sharing one game or activity idea that you like to do with your students during the summer (whether or not you do camps). Deadline to enter is this Sunday, June 8th 10:00pm (az mountain standard). GIVEAWAY HAS EXPIRED

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27 thoughts on “Review: Summer Camp- “D is for Dragon”

  1. This camp sounds super fun! During summer lessons I normally do improv; this year we will be focusing on composing, and using Wendy Steven’s new cup rhythms book!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful summer program for my youngest students-who wouldn’t love a friendly dragon?!

  3. We use time in the summer to prepare for the fall’s Clavinova festival – learning how to record and layer tracks.

  4. During summer I like to relax and have fun with students- whatever they want to learn we go for it- as long as they are playing!

  5. This summer I’m doing a composing activity with my students. I’m always open to new ideas, especially ones that sound as fun as this one.

  6. Kids here are in year-round schools so scheduling a camp is problematic. Instead, I offered a series of 4 Keyboard Kickoff Classes in May for new beginners. Continuing students will perform with a live rhythm section in a Pops on the Patio concert in July.

  7. I love to get out all of my holiday themed games, worksheets and flash cards and let them “pick” what we do at the end of the lesson. They think it’s hilarious to play Christmas games or Valentine’s games in June. I even drag out my left over holiday stickers which is a great way to get rid of them! One week it’s Halloween, the next Thanksgiving, and so on. Often I’ll let someone pick which holiday we’ll celebrate the next week.

  8. I am thoroughly enjoying using Rhythm Cup Explorations as a fun summer activity and would LOVE to have this resource for camps as well!

  9. I do lots of ensemble work and improv during the summer months. Since there are not recitals or evaluations to prepare for, it seems the ideal time!
    I love the ideas behind this camp-looks like something my kids would really enjoy!

  10. I just finished a medieval theme for the school year and would have loved to have this! This summer we are doing an ice cream theme culminating in an ice cream party. Students have 8 activities to complete to earn toppings for their ice cream sundae: Invite a friend to your lesson (where we play lots of games), Compose an ice cream song/ lyrics, Ear training/ Listening, Completing a theory worksheet, Rhythm reading challenge, Sightreading, Arpeggios & Scales, and Memorizing a special summer/ ice cream themed piece.

  11. Love the graphics and I’m sure kids will love it! This summer, we’re doing Piano Olympics. I’ve chosen four national anthems from Joytunes Summer Games app. They will play them on the app, then play the right hand on lead sheets I found and then learn to add LH chords to go with. We will end with performances. They’ll earn tickets to win a Gold, Silver or Blue medal (they didn’t have bronze – bummer).

  12. This summer I am planning to use Wendy Stevens’ Rhythm Cup Explorations and do some composing activities. D is for Dragon sounds like a really fun resource for a summer camp!

  13. I do a summer camp each summer for students at different levels. We spend time doing rhythm games, ensemble playing, and music history. Last year we incorporated a “dance party.” Since we learn to play so many minuets, last summer our camp included learning to dance the minuet. Then each student took turns playing a minuet while everyone else danced to it.

  14. My kiddos love when I take a game we’ve played inside during the winter and reproduce it on the driveway with sidewalk chalk so they are the game markers. Lots of fun! No camps this year, but I’ve been considering a camp for young beginners right before school starts in the fall.

  15. Inspirational. Since I’ve never done a themed approach for summer session, you’ve challenged my thinking! My mind went to “Water Music”. Sea chanteys….Of course the playing party would have to include water balloons and water guns. Open to suggestions.

  16. My students absolutely love Will Bailey Piano Tunes! This looks awesome! Summer lessons seem so much more relaxed. We play a lot more games especially new ones that I give a try. An old and favorite of the students is… I bought these plastic flip frogs from Walmart. Underneath each frog I place a sticker with a musical symbol on it. The kids flip a frog and identify the symbol. Super easy and quick! I’m wondering …wouldn’t it be fun to try this camp during the school year!

  17. This looks great, I love Will Bailey’s arrangements for the Way Cool Keyboarding books. I’m looking forward to having a piano ensemble camp this summer and trying some of the ensemble improvisation pieces in Forest Kinney’s Pattern Play books.

  18. This sounds amazing! I would love to do this camp with my students! I’ve started a Gone Fishin’ challenge for the summer where they “catch” fish as they finish practice challenges for the summer.

  19. Would love to add this to my camp collection. Every summer I hold a camp. This year I will be holding two Olympics Camps, one for older students and the other for younger students.

  20. WOW! A summer camp programme that I didn’t have to write myself! This looks great. I think that the kids would like the accompaniment and a great intro to piano. Also, love the idea for background music to the story! Thanks for the offer and review.

  21. This looks great! We are doing Rhythm Camp and Composer Camp this summer. I have been thinking on adding a camp for beginners and “D is for Dragon” seems like a perfect fit! Our favorite activity during any season is Musical Candyland.

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