Review: Music Whiteboards

When I attended the Arizona Music Teachers Association conference last week, I was able to briefly meet Gina Barton of Gina was one of the exhibitors and was selling music whiteboards. I had a good size whiteboard in my lab room and it will still get used during group games like this one…


…But I have been wanting an actual music whiteboard for awhile. As soon as I saw the extra large music whiteboard at the MusicTeacherLesson booth I was very excited and knew I had to take advantage.


The MusicTeacherLesson whiteboards are magnet dry erase boards. Over 60+ concepts can be taught on it. Gina includes a list of many ideas of things you can do with your whiteboard when you purchase from her. In addition to the extra large board that I have on my wall, Gina also has smaller boards. The small boards are 8 1/2x 11″. The medium board is 17×11″. The large board is 23×17″ and the extra large (the one I now have on my wall) is 3’x2′.

Here is the medium size board sitting on my Clavinova so you can get an idea of the size.

Medium Whiteboard

All the boards have the same layout. The keyboard at the top. The grand staff in the middle and then the lines at the bottom for chord work. I love that they include all 3!

Before… (we were doing a jungle theme the year this picture was taken…)

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 4.18.38 PMIf you saw yesterdays post then you got a sneak peak of the after… (Doesn’t it look so much better?!)

Piano Lab

I was already inspired to make some letter magnets to use with my new whiteboard… (All you need is your letter printout, decoupage, glass gems and magnets for the backs) I’m going to make some colored one’s and smaller one’s as well.


I wish I had pictures of my students using the new whiteboards but they are on break. So I would encourage you to go to to see pictures of other students using the boards. I am looking forward to using these whiteboards in both private and group lessons. I predict that they will got a lot of use over the years! While I do enjoy using technology resources, it’s also good to get hands on and use those small motor skills. These boards give the opportunities for some good old fashion tactile activities. is offering free giveaways (over $215 worth!). The giveaways expire August 31st. All you need to do is post on the MusicTeacherLesson Facebook page here, different ways you can come up with using their boards. You can post as many times as you like. There will also be a prize for the person who shares her Facebook and website the most. The most creative winners will receive prizes from Small to Medium size boards with magnets, dry eraser and board cleaner.

Also you can take advantage of a 20% off sale by inserting promo code: MUSIC2014 when you go to the online store. Bulk pricing is also available if you want to take advantage of several boards for students. (See website for pricing info)

Just a quick side note: In addition to whiteboards, Gina also sells piano pedal extenders (on sale for $139.99), adjustable benches and even music doorbells (something I’m thinking of getting) on her website. So be sure to check those out as well!

One thought on “Review: Music Whiteboards

  1. I have the large white board in my studio for group classes and master classes. I love it! I also use the smaller boards for individual use. I especially love the fact you can use the board to write on, as well as use magnets. However, just a word of caution… don’t do what I did and write on any of the keys. It does not come off like the rest of the board. Enjoy! Great review!

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